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Personal Insurances

We believe that everyone should have protection insurance in place. Nowadays it is affordable for almost everyone, and we are able to help you choose the right protection for you.

It is important to protect your family, for example if you suffer from serious injury or illness it could lead to a loss of income or even your home in the future. Likewise, if you were to die your loved ones are unlikely to maintain their current lifestyle without your income.




However, with the right cover you may be able to:

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  • Pay off your mortgage
  • Keep your lifestyle at the same level
  • Pay your children’s tuition fees
  • Convert your home to your needs (e.g. wheelchair ramp)

Our life is changing as time passes by and our circumstances are changing as well. You may currently have life cover in place but you should review it regularly to ensure that you have the right level of cover in place all the time.

Life Insurance (also known as Life Assurance) is designed to provide financial security to people who depend on you if you were to die. We fully understand that money will never replace our loved ones but it can help during the most challenging part of anyone’s life.
There are different types of Life Insurance, some may pay a lump sum which can help to pay your mortgage whilst others pay a monthly benefit for a set period of time to help maintain life style.

Critical Illness Critical Illness Insurance is designed to help people when they suffer from critical or life threatening illnesses such as some forms of cancer, stroke, heart failure etc. (note : different providers have different lists of covered illnesses). Sometimes exclusions may apply to policies due to medical history or habits.
Critical illness insurance pays out a lump sum usually only once then policy terminates. It will not provide regular income but may be helpful to convert your home if the need arises, to pay additional costs like traveling to hospitals and unfortunately when family member is seriously ill life costs of life will usually raise and in many cases income may drop down.

Income protection is designed to replace part of your income and pay out regular tax free payments if you were unable to work due to illness or accident. Depending on the level of cover it may pay out for specific amount of time until one is able to work again or even until retirement. It can help to pay the mortgage, bills and keep up current lifestyle. Income protection cover may have a deferred period before it starts to pay out with longer waiting times making the policy cheaper. Remember, state benefits may not be enough to cover your needs.

Is insurance expensive?
Many people think that insurance is expensive but it all depends on your circumstances, some policies are cheap and affordable for anyone while other may be more expensive. There are many factors which dictates price, most importantly age, smoking and general health.
We also can assist with Group Insurance, Private Medical Insurance, Public liability Insurance – referral service,

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